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Search Engine Optimization
The Internet is the world’s most crowded market place. Each day search engines receive approximately 400 million search requests! The people performing these searches include people who are looking for suppliers of products or services - your prospects!

If your site is not ranked in the top 20 in search results, then you are unlikely to be found in the search engines. This means missing out on an important source of new business. As a top SEO company in Amritsar, Cornerstone can achieve this for you. We can help you to:
  • Generate leads
  • Gain market share
  • Grow your business
  • Sites of all types and sizes can benefit from our Search Engine Optimization service.

    SEO+ Steps:
    1. Selecting the most effective keywords

    A very important part of the SEO process is selecting the right keywords. We'll ask you to provide us with a list of approximately 10 keyword phrases that best relate to the nature of your business -phrases which your potential customers would use when searching for your type of business. Then we'll analyze those keywords (and related keywords) in order to advise you on which are the best targets. Our extensive keyword analysis includes research on the number of searches for those keywords, the amount of competition, and a wealth of hands-on experience.

    2. Site Optimization
    Once your keywords have been finalized, we'll provide detailed instructions on exactly how to optimize your site, including:
  • Keyword Density - We'll analyse your site for the inclusion of relevant keyword phrases and provide recommendations on achieving the optimal keyword density throughout your website.
  • Keyword Usage - Using your keywords in certain places (headings, links, etc.), can dramatically improve your site's ranking. We'll provide recommendations on how to achieve the best keyword usage.
  • Site Structure - We'll ensure that your site meets the listing criteria for all of the major search engines. If your site's design is structured in a way that may hinder your page rankings, we'll provide the options available to you.
  • If you like, we can also make these adjustments to your site for you.

    3. Linking
    Some of the top search engines (including Google) view a link to your web page from another website as a vote for your page and will give you a higher ranking. This is known as "Link Popularity". It is not the volume of links to your page which is important, but the quality and relevance of the links. We'll acquire the quality links necessary to get you a higher link popularity.}

    4. Monitoring

    Every month you'll receive a detailed Ranking Report listing your search engine rankings for all of the major search engines. Also included is a comparison against your previous month's rankings so that you can quickly see what progress has been made.

    Site Statistics
    The true test of SEO success is increased traffic. To allow you to monitor this, you'll be given access to extensive real-time site stats, including:

  • Traffic reports - View both the number of visitors and page views per day, month, or year.
  • Search phrases - Find out what search phrases are being used to find your site.
  • Referrers - Determine where your visitors are coming from, including links from other sites, search engines, directories, and on-line advertising campaigns.
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